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Pantry Organizing Tips


The Pantry

A well organized and easily accessible pantry will make cooking in the kitchen a snap.

In this section we offer some really great tips, ideas and strategies to help re-organize even the most challenging pantries. The biggest problem with pantries and back of cabinets is accessibility. Installing sliding shelves is the best solution to easily get at those hard to reach places and keep items orderly. Scroll down for tips.

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3 Key Pantry Organizing Tips

Out With The Old

Get rid of expired products and become clutter free! Unexpired, never eaten food can be donated to local food banks. This frees up area for new exciting flavours, plus donating will help someone in need.


Choosing proper, air-tight storage containers, consistent in size, will make a big difference in how food is stored on your shelves. Odd-shaped packages and bags fit easier in storage containers, such as baskets and bins.

Most Used Forward

Food and products that tend to be used often should be organized towards the front of pantries. Less used and even taller items should be in the back. It is also important to think about weight distribution.

Rotate This

Create a pantry filled with easy-to-see foods in active rotation. Keep the ingredients you use more frequently at eye level and easily accessible. Make it visible. You want to be able to see everything and be able to reach it with one hand.

Use Doors

Doors are the great underutilized spaces in pantries. Cleaning supplies can easily fit into over the door hooks containers.

Grouping Items

Group your pantry items by type—grains, drinks, pet food, baking items, canned goods, soups, snack foods, etc. Cluster items (all canned corn in one cluster, canned cherries in another). All related items get their own dedicated shelf or drawer.

Kid Friendly

If you have kids who are always eating, fill a bottom shelf with snacks so they can put away their own groceries and easily grab a snack on their own. Make it safe! Cleaning products & potential poisons should have a dedicated, hard to reach area of their own.

Labels & Packaging

Labeling shelves will make finding things a snap. Extra packaging takes up extra valuable space. Get rid of excess boxing, plastics etc. by using containers, such as baskets and bins. Don't forget to recycle!

Built for Performance

If your pantry doesn't have sliding shelves, it may be time to consider having some installed. Our pull-outs are custom built for performance & durability and make getting at your food so easy. People with mobility & physical challenges benefit greatly from using roll-outs. Talk to us today & get your free consultation.

“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.”

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